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MGS not only provides an assortment of educational publications, but MGS staff members are also available for tours, field trips, and educational presentations. Inquiries regarding the variety of educational services offered by the MGS can be made in person, by telephone, or by mail to:

Minnesota Geological Survey
2609 Territorial Rd.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114


Telephone: (612) 626-2969


A Map Journal for K-12 educators on Minnesota's geologic data can be found here:
Accessing Minnesota's Geological Data using ArcGIS On-Line

Available online?
Available in Print/ Hard Copy?
Egg carton full of Minnesota rock types
Yes, call or visit to request an egg carton full of Minnesota rocks, complete with rock names, descriptions, and places of origin
Minnesota Geology for Teachers

3-D maps and glasses (Midwest area and Southwest US area)

Yes, Free!
Minnesota At-a-Glance geology pamphlets
Yes, Free!

Karst and Cave Classroom Activities-Includes information about cave paintings and sinkhole formation



Printable 8x10 Geology Images

Aeromagnetic Map 1991

Aeromagnetic Map 2008

Archean Rocks

Bedrock Map Postcard 2003

Bedrock Map 2000


Dominant Rock Type

Dominant Soil Type

Exposed Rock

Geologic Terrane Cross Section

Gravity Map 2006

Mesoproterozoic Rocks

Paleoproterozoic Rocks

Phanerozoic Rocks

Rock Ages

Rock Distribution

Rock Terranes

Rock Type Cross Section

Surficial Geology Postcard

Time-Stratigraphic Cross Section

S21 bedrock image

Bedrock Geology 2011 Edition