Unpublished Informational Maps

bedrock geology map Bedrock geologic map of Minnesota (Generalized, bedrock postcard)

* cross sections Bedrock cross sections

* surface geology map Quaternary geologic map of Minnesota (Generalized, Surficial geology postcard)

* Aeromagnetic/Gravity map Aeromagnetic and Bouguer anomaly maps of Minnesota

* Aeromagnetic/Gravity overlay map Aeromagnetic and Bouguer superimposed Mag on Gravity (SMOG) map *

Geophysics maps compiled by V.W. Chandler, MGS. Paper versions of the individual geophysical maps are available at a scale of 1:1,000,000, see for example S-18. For further information on aeromagnetic maps, see the Aeromagnetic Map Series in Current Publications

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