outwash plain

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Movie initial view: Looking south along township road, standing on a flat outwash plain of the Des Moines lobe. The high ground to the south is the north end of the Little Birch Lake moraine. The outwash was deposited by a meltwater stream that flowed from southwest of the high ground.

The middle image is looking west across the flat outwash plain. Although flat in appearance, there is a gentle downward slope from south, near the Des Moines lobe ice margin, north to Long Prairie where it meets the Long Prairie River channel. The image pans across the channel towards the north. The northwest image begins with a close view of the airport south of Long Prairie, than pulls back to show the extent and width of the outwash plain to the north.

The final zoom shows high ground that is Wadena-lobe till, forming the channel wall on the northeast side.

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