Photo 432: close-up of the road to the north with a better view of the rolling topography.


#431: Movie clip played on default viewer

Movie initial view: Northwest from the crest of the Little Birch Lake moraine with the St. Croix moraine forming the hills on the right side of the picture, and in the center, just beyond the farm buildings. In the far distance, the last ridge in view is the Little Birch Lake moraine as it curves around to the north.

Pan from west to east. Zoom out to obtain broader view of hills of the moraines. Continue pan from west to east.

Pan to east stops with a view of a local gravel pit located in Wadena-lobe materials. The gravel pit is part of the Little Birch Lake moraine, on the north side. Zoom into gravel pit area. Background view shows Little Birch Lake. In the middle ground, the ridge separating the two parts of the Little Birch Lake is the St. Croix moraine. In the far distance on the right, is Grey Eagle basin, and sediments associated with the Superior lobe that form the high ground on the horizon.

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