drainage channel

#442: View to the east along State Hwy. 27, at dawn. Very close to the location of #438. Standing on the east slope of the St. Croix moraine (Superior lobe) looking out across rolling topography composed of a series of north-south drainageways with intervening ridges. These features are associated with drainage of Superior-lobe meltwater. As ice retreated east from the terminal moraine on which the photo was taken, drainage ran parallel to the ice front, generally in a southerly direction. The ridges are composed of older tills capped by Superior-lobe sediment. The drainage channels were initially deeper than now observed. They have been filled with stream and lake sediments deposited by late- and post-glacial fluvial events. In this photo, the drainageways are distinctive because early morning fog is denser in the low-relief channels.

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