Still photo: Hill to the southeast is a drumlin. The DEM above shows part of the extensive series of southwest trending drumlins in western Todd County.

#447: Movie clip played on default viewer

Movie initial view: View from township road, 0.5 mile north of State Hwy. 210, looking towards the southwest at a distant ridge, trending in a north-south direction. This ridge is one of many such ridges in this part of Todd County known as drumlins. These features were formed beneath advancing Wadena-lobe ice by processes of erosion and deposition. Drumlin length varies from 0.25 to more than 5 miles. Height of the drumlins varies from 20 up to about 100 feet. The drumlins in Todd County are usually elongate ridges, but in places can be nearly circular or tear-dropped shaped.

Panning to the south and zooming in for a closer view of the ridge

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