Long Prairie river channel

Still photo: A closer view of the Long Prairie River channel, St. Croix moraine, and the conical shaped kames on top of the moraine.

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Initial view: Looking east from township road southwest of Browerville. View is across the Long Prairie River channel to the St. Croix moraine, the ridge on the horizon.

Panning to the south along the river channel and following the St. Croix moraine ridge.

The conical shaped hills on the moraine are mostly kames (see DEM for asterisks illustrating locations of mapped kames), the more elongate hills could be crevasse ridges (sediment deposited in an ice crevasse). In general, the northern segment of the St. Croix moraine was a zone where ice stagnation was common (#440 for instance), thus this part of the moraine contains more stagnant ice features, such as kames and crevasse fills, than other parts of the moraine.

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