Osakis area DEM

Lake Osakis

#451: Above: View to the east across Lake Osakis. Approximately 2 miles away, the high ground in the view is the back (west facing) side of a large elongate ridge extending to the east away from Lake Osakis. The feature (Osakis moraine) was created by Wadena-lobe ice that excavated sediment as ice advanced from the northeast, and then re-deposited the sediment to form the ridge.

Below: The Osakis moraine is readily visible when viewing the Digital Elevation model (DEM) for that part of the county. Note the location of the Des Moines lobe outwash plain seen in parts of #426-428 (arrow indicates direction of meltwater flow), and the northern extension of the Little Birch Lake moraine seen in parts of #429-433. Lake Osakis is probably an ice-block lake (large block(s) of stagnant ice buried by sediment) located in a possible sub-glacial tunnel valley of the Wadena Lobe.


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