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Online Map Services-Preliminary Versions, Changes will occur.


MGS is in the process of migrating maps and digital information to online versions in an effort to increase accessibility and provide for more general use. We are doing this through web-enabled map services. A preview of the map can be viewed and queried within the web browser by clicking on the link in the Web Map column. Each preview starts an individual web application for that map. The applications work in most browsers, but will likely work better in more recent versions. Help files within the map preview will provide further guidance on use. Below is a list of the currently available services. To use the service in ArcMap click on the name in the Link-to-service column. Either download the file or let it open with ArcGis. Queries can be made with the Identify tool in ArcMap.

You can view some of the data sets listed below through story maps linked below

story maps

Download to GIS
Web Map
S-21, State-scale bedrock geology
Vector based Minnesota bedrock geology map
State-scale bedrock geology mosaic
A mosaic of published Minnesota bedrock geology
Quaternary Geology
Compilation of surficial geologic mapping in Minnesota with links to web mapping and story map
Geology Maps
Click on Geology maps on the right to find various GIS data.
Compilation of geologic maps that are free to view and download for printing in the classroom. Links to publications are provided.
Rock Properties 2011
Compilation of density and magnetic susceptibility measurements from outcrop and drill holes in Minnesota
Gravity Stations 2011
Compilation of gravity stations in Minnesota with new and revised locations
Bedrock Topography and Depth to Bedrock
Click on left file to load rasters into ArcGis 10 desktop with 50 ft color intervals. Link to right opens color interval map within the current browser.
Minnesota County Geologic Atlas Gallery
Click on Geology Web Gallery on the right to find various GIS data.
Variouse web maps and story maps have been compiled for the county atlas program. Click on the right to view the web gallery.
*Data from this service can be downloaded to a local computer by enabling the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar in ArcMap, selecting Extract Data and following instructions in the dialog boxes. The default action creates a new personal geodatabase (mdb) and retains the links to auxiliary tables. Extraction does not work if a file geodatabase is selected or newly created. The extract function only takes locations from within the display window, set an appropriate zoom level before extracting.