Vertical cross-section

walls at Meridian Quarry
This photograph of the north wall of the Meridian Aggregate Quarry shows the relationship between unweathered bedrock, saprolite (completely decomposed rock formed in place by chemical weathering), and overlying glacial deposits. Glacial material lies above the dashed red line, in contact with both weathered and unweathered granite; the diagonal, linear feature above the yellow arrow is a minor, shallow-dipping fault. The zone between the fault, the yellow dashed line and the red dashed line is the weathered bedrock (saprolite). The development of saprolite has been enhanced because increased permeability along the fault plane has allowed water to more easily penetrate the rock. In the left part of the photo, the saprolite has been eroded, leaving glacial till directly on fresh bedrock. Unweathered bedrock is also present beneath the fault and the yellow line. At the far left the bedrock is exposed at the surface, in a natural outcrop.
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